What if you knew when and where online shoppers will buy your products?
What would this mean for your bottom line?

At Sellpoints, we leverage consumer data from our network of the biggest online retailers to give you these insights.

It’s not magic. It’s metrics. We identify consumer trends in real-time so you can position your products in front of the right people before the right time. This makes your selling process more efficient.

You save time, and money, all while increasing your margins.

"One of the many reasons I like Sellpoints is because they are a small, nimble and very responsive company. Sellpoints also has a hand in everything we are currently interested in. Their services are continually one step ahead of our needs."

Kevin Brangan
Director, Channel Marketing Roku

"It’s always been a pleasure working with Sellpoints. The communication and delivery of the content was always accurate, on time and such seamless execution."

Genese Soler
Assistant Buyer Toys R Us

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    The program ran on a custom audience of over 1.5 million consumers and delivered a 143% increase in product page visits.

    We set out to identify qualified buyers for a gaming mouse before they realized they were in the market. Once identified, we advertised off-site to them before the competition to establish an early brand affinity.

    The ultimate goal of this premarketing program was “MAKE US MORE EFFICIENT, to more effectively allocate advertising budgets AND THEY HAVE.” to spend less on more qualified traffic. We were challenged to deliver a 5:1 return on ad spend.

    Google Recognizes Sellpoints as a Leader in Attribution Modeling

    Sellpoints moves beyond last-click attribution to double performance of non-brand paid search and triple performance of display


    Highlighted brand and non-brand interaction – 40% of conversions attributed to brand terms in last-click model had actually started on non-brand interactions.

    Improved display measurement – while last-click model reported display CPA as eight times higher than goal CPA, other attribution models showed that display CPA in fact outperformed goal CPA

    Refined marketing spend according to findings – doubled non-brand paid search performance and tripled display performance

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    Case study

    The ultimate goal of this program was to increase engagement on high value products and learn more about how the consumers who engage with i2s behave on macmall.com. There were three major takeaways in this eight month pilot.

    Sellpoints told us from the get go that they’d make us
    more efficient, and they have.

    Bong Delos Reyes
    Marketing Director, MacMall

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  • ROKU
    Client Testimonial

    Our data scientists partnered with Roku to look beyond last-click attribution for Roku buyers. By analyzing how consumers access roku.com, why they're visiting the site, and tracking the behaviors of Roku buyers after they make a purchase, we were able to build a custom attribution model for Roku.

    This holistic approach allowed us to better target consumers, and the initial results show a 49% average increase in organic traffic.

    One of the things that makes this such a successful relationship is the ability to grow together and deliver as needed. Demands change all the time, but the Sellpoints team ensures that everyone’s needs are met. They're incredibly flexible and have the capability to evolve with us.

    Doug Kennedy
    Marketing Director, Roku

Welcome to the competitive advantage.

We help you see things your competitors can’t see. Whether your goal is to sell direct or through the channel, we offer a solution for you.

We start by attracting qualified buyers to you before they have an intention to buy. Next, we create engaging, robust product experiences for the consumer to tell your brand’s story consistently across all channels. Lastly, we optimize your product pages to increase conversion rates.

You get more qualified shoppers spending more time with your products. And clear insight into which channels deliver the biggest ROI.

Check out the brands leveraging our consumer insights platform to sell more.

We'll let our network speak for itself

Our retail network includes many of the largest names in the business as well as many specialized regional stores. We partner with retailers to deliver more qualified traffic and enrich the shopping experience.

We leverage consumer data from our network of 251 retailers to identify consumer trends in real-time. We apply this data to your sales funnel and position your brand in front of the right people before the right time.

Consumers see your products before they even realize they’re in the market for your products, establishing an affinity to your brand.

Join these retailers in the most comprehensive online selling network.









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We attract the right people to your various Sellpoints.

  • Identify Qualified Shoppers

    We identify qualified shoppers before they know they’re in the market for your products. We do this through advanced attribution modeling.

  • Build Targeted Audiences

    Our technology builds custom, targeted audiences based on consumer behaviors, and offers up a targeted ad experience.

  • Drive Traffic

    We attract more traffic, qualified buyers, to you before they even plan to buy.

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We give your shoppers the same experience they get in a brick and mortar store with engaging, relevant content.

  • Rich Media Content

    Rich media brings your product story to life. Our creative team develops robust product experiences to keep the consumer engaged.

  • A Consistent Product Story

    We keep your product story cohesive and consistent across all of your channels.

  • Maximum Engagement

    Our data indicates that 120 seconds of engagement changes a consumer’s mindset from browsing to buying. We make consumers engage more so they spend more time with your products and ultimately press the buy button.

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We help shoppers convince themselves to buy more of your products.

  • Optimize Product Pages

    Our conversion rate optimization experts improve your product pages to get the highest buy rate possible.

  • Measure Consumer Behaviors

    The Sellpoints platform measures and provides attribution to every interaction with your customers, so you sell more and know why.

  • Iterate Based on Data

    The data we collect feeds back into our technology, continually strengthening the Sellpoints network. This means you get better traffic, better engagement, and more sales.

Sellpoints are all the places where people meet the products you sell. Sellpoints are where we orchestrate the process of selling your products.

The Sellpoints process combines our unique technology with selling insights we’ve developed over 12 years, across 251 retailers - who now welcome 134 million visitors each month.

We do three things for you.

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